Hors d'oeuvre Suggestions Buffet Selections, Affordable Packages
Buffet Selections, Still Affordable and Elegant
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Quick lunch, after work meeting or pizza party
The Perfect Business Meeting Includes...
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As always here at Jeff's Catering, you the customer is our first concern. Here you will find a few inexpensive ideas designed for a quick business daytime meeting, or after work employee meeting.   We also have on hand per request, menus designed for civic, school, church and other non-profit organizations. Perfect for sports banquets, church suppers or fundraisers.

Feel free to make your own menu and we will be glad to work with you on meeting your budget needs.

Assorted Pizza Pies
Sliced Pickles
Potato Chips
Brownies & Cookies
Chilled Drinks
Fresh Coffee, Decaf & Tea
$7.95 Per Person
Meat & Cheese Platter
Ham, Turkey, Provolone & American
w/Rolls, Condiments & Potato Chips

Chilled drinks

Fresh coffee, decaf & tea

$5.95 Per Person
w/Roast Beef add $1.00

House salad
$3.95 Per Person
Choose Both 2 & 3
$8.95 Per Person

To add a soup to any of the above selections add $2.00 per person.  We have many soup selections including but no limited to;

Minestrone, Tomato Basil Tortellini, Vegetable, Cheese & Broccoli, Chicken Vgetable, New England Fish Chowder, Clam Chowder, Beef Stew, Chicken Stew, Zuppa Tuscana-spicy sausage & kale, Creamy Corn Chowder, French Onion, Creamy Potato, Cream of Mushroom.