Hors d'oeuvre Suggestions

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Please keep in mind that when choosing your Hors d’oeuvres that they are meant to be an appetizer before going into your buffet or served dinner. We will gladly work with you if your intentions are to have a Hors d’oeuvre reception or event, however we will ask you to build up the menu in such a way that your guests are happy with their meal

Choose one from all four sections and discount your Hors d'oeuvre package by 20%
Choose one from three sections and discount your Hors d'oeuvre package by 15%
Choose one from two sections and discount your Hor d'oeuvre package by 10%
Discounts to not apply when having an Hors D’oeuvre only event.

      Select any one for $1.50 per person or two for $2.50 per person
Meatballs; sweet & sour or Swedish
cheese or vegetarian w/salsa & sour cream

Mini franks; steamed and served in bar-b-q sauce
Mini egg rolls; oven baked and served w/sweet & sour sauce
Cheddar cheese & sweet sausage; bite sized and served together on toothpick
Chipotle lime chicken; marinated and baked strips of chicken w/dipping sauce
Hot dips; spinach artichoke, crab, buffalo chicken or chili con Queso;
      Served with your choice of nacho or pita chips

Cheddar cheese spread; served w/crackers & sliced pepperoni
Fresh cut vegetables to include; chef's choice of fresh bought vegetables
     Served with ranch dip
Fresh cut fruit to include; chef's choice of fresh bought fruits
     Above served unlimited throughout your social till dinner or buffet is served

     Select any one for $2.25 per person
Chicken tenders; breaded, baked and served w/dipping sauce
Quesadillas; steak or chicken w/salsa & sour cream
Spanikopita pies; spinach & feta cheese wrapped in phyllo 
Finger rolls two each; choice of chicken, ham or egg salad
Crispy flatbreads, chef made and baked to perfection  
   Vegetarian – tomato & mozzarella basil seasoned  
   Steak & cheese – seasoned freshly cut steak & cheddar cheese 
   Chicken Alfredo - seasoned cut chicken & alfredo topping 


     Select any one for $2.50 per person
Antipasto platter; chef's choice of meats, cheeses, olives & pickles
Baked stuffed mushrooms; chef made stuffing & sprinkled with cheese, w
ith crabmeat – add .50 per person
Teriyaki steaks; skewered and cooked to perfection – two each
Buffalo style chicken wings; served bone in w/celery & ranch dip

     Select any one for $3.95 per person
Chilled shrimp cocktail; cooked to perfection, chilled and served with cocktail sauce, three per person
Bourbon shrimp; marinated in chef made bourbon sauce, served hot or cold, three per person
Scallops w/bacon; two large sea scallops gently wrapped with bacon, seasoned and baked to perfection
Lobster or Crabmeat cakes; generous amounts of lobster or crab mixed with chef made ingredients,
          grilled to a golden brown  and served with red pepper sauce.